A Decadent, Yet Low Calorie Treat?

A client asked me this morning what my favorite, healthy 'splurge' would be.  In a word, CHOCOLATE!

Not just any chocolate.  Dark chocolate.  The ore decadent, the better.  Personally, I love the 99%, extra bittersweet variety with no sugar added; the 70 – 72% with a touch of sweetness is lovely as well.  It's such a pleasant way to end a meal.  If you have just a small piece, it'll cost you only about 60 – 70 calories and will satisfy that feeling that you've got to end a meal with a treat.

In addition, because the chocolate is so rich,  you really only need a small serving to feel you've had enough, versus having a low-quality chocolate that you might find in a grocery-store candy bar.

Serving that single piece of chocolate along side a small dish of some of the delicious berries that are in season is even better.  Presentation is so important!  Serve it up in a nice dish with a cup of your favorite herbal tea and you're all set with a satisfying, tasty, AND low calorie way to end the day!  Even better, you've had a dish of the real thing, instead of a 'diet' version of something which might be laden with chemicals and preservatives.  Finally, chocolate does indeed provide your body with antioxidants so just a touch of it is actually a good part of your healthy nutritional plan.

Plan ahead, allocate your caloric intake to include this small pleasure and you can feel free to enjoy this small splurge.