What About The Stuffing? Another Paleo Christmas Tip!

Gluten -free?  Not so much- still grain based.

What to do?

Bring in the mushrooms!

Tasty, hearty & meaty, they make an excellent side dish to turkey, veggies and salad!

I like to combine an assortment of different types including Cremini, Oyster, Shitake & Porcini.  Saute some garlic & oil (big surprise!) in a cast iron skillet over medium.   Add the washed, chopped mushrooms.  Throw in some wine and/or broth and your fave herbs or spices.  You can always opt for those that are traditionally used in stuffing- parsley, sage, rosemary & thyme!

Transfer to a glass baking dish and cool.  Stick it in the fridge and plan on serving it the next day.

Delish, Paleo and totally seasonal!