What’s For Breakfast?

Paleo breakfast ideas are, by far, the most difficult for those new to Paleo to get their head around.

No grains and no dairy automatically eliminates a large percentage of what many of us may formerly have considered good breakfast options.  

What ‘breakfast foods’ are left?


Stop thinking of foods you’d eat in the morning any differently from what you’d eat in the afternoon or evening and you’ll open up an abundance of options for your plate.

Think about how many choices of fresh veggies, fruits and proteins you have on a day to day basis and begin to implement those very same foods into your breakfast regime.

Then, balance them out Paleo style and you’ll se yourself up for an even blood sugar level all day long, which leads to better mental focus and concentration, clearer thinking, better sleep…and so on, and so on and so on!

One could actually argue that starting the day out Paleo is one of the most important parts of a successful strategy to get and stay 100% Paleo.

So what’s the Paleo balance?

If you want numbers, it’s roughly a breakdown of 40% complex carbohydrates from fresh veggies and some fruit, 30% unrefined fats like avo, olive oil and coconut oil and 30% lean wild proteins.

And for breakfast, then?

Oh, the options are endless.

Use the following template for all meals and then get ready to be creative:

  • Start with fresh veggies as a base of all meals
  • Then add some protein
  • Followed by some fat
  • And maybe a little fruit

That’s it!

Use leftovers, use what’s local and organic, add spice, don’t add spice, heat it up, or not, make it to go or eat in.

Just throw the idea that there are ‘breakfast foods’ out the window, and remember food is either food… or it’s not.  Then, eat the food that is food!  In other words- eat Paleo, and don’t eat things that are not.

Don’t be surprised when your skin starts to clear up, your joints stop aching, you finally get over that insomnia or you begin to shed those stubborn pounds.

Thank you, Paleo, the only way to eat if you’re interested in optimal health!