It Doesn’t HAVE to Be Turkey!


I’m in a panic!  I was so relieved when I read your blog yesterday and you mentioned it wasn’t too late to still plan and cook a lovely holiday meal.  I’m hoping (ok, praying!) you can help!

I live in a really small town and I have waited until the last minute to do all my Christmas prep, including dinner planning! I went into the local grocery store to order my turkey, only to find out that they stopped taking orders yesterday!  

What am I going to do?  How am I going to have a traditional meal without the centerpiece of the turkey?


Melinda, Eden Prairie, MN

Don’t worry!  There’s another great option and it’s still very traditional (and very Paleo)- goose!  I’d even argue that it may even be a better option than turkey because chances are good that many people won’t be eating it with any regularity, making it that much more special.

Beyond that, there’s nothing wrong with serving something non-traditional either.  Several blog readers and friends have told me that they’re serving grass fed filet.