Your Body Is Talking To You. Listen.

If you were to buy a new type of body lotion and apply it to your skin and then have the unfortunate experience of breaking out in a rash, it would be rather obvious that there was some type of ingredient that simply didn’t agree with you. You’d then be likely (hopefully) to put two and two together and opt to not use that lotion again. No brainer, right? So they why such a disconnect between what we put in our bodies and how they react, from the inside out? How have we gotten to a place where what we are eating is not regarded as the absolute first thing we look at, hands down, when something isn’t copasetic?   And further, why do we believe that aches, pains, indigestion, stomach aches, irregularity, migraines (and so on, and so on) are just ‘part of life’, ‘part of aging’ or something we have to grin and bear? Imagine how you’d feel if you ate a handful of birdseed.   Shells and all.   All sorts of seeds; the very seeds that so many who are trying to manipulate Paleo into something other than what it really is, into a pseudo version of it which is more like a gluten-free approach to the Standard American. Stomach aches, cramps, bloating and or diarrhea and constipation may occur. And again, hopefully you’d realize you’d just eaten something you weren’t meant to eat. And not eat it again, right? Not usually. Instead, we’ve come up with all kinds of reasons and rationale to keep eating things that are causing distress to our bodies. We joke about how beans are the ‘musical fruit’ and yet we keep eating them.  (Attention- it is not normal to have gassiness after eating.  That’s a sign that something isn’t being digested properly). We notice that when we cut sugar and dairy that our skin radiates and breakouts become a thing of the past.   Yet they continue to be part of the normal daily regime because ‘that Greek yogurt is too good to give up’ and ‘just a little sugar in moderation is ok’ and it’s easier to go to the dermatologist and get a script for an oral antibiotic or topical cream. Think about how broken this is. And backwards. It’s really not complicated. Stop eating things that don’t work for you.  And let your body be the one to tell you that they don’t work because that ultimately must supersede anything you read in a book or see on TV or advice from your healthcare practitioner. Only you know how you feel and if you tune in and let your body do the talking, you’ll find all your answers. Try it!