According to ABC, Paleo Doesn’t Weigh Up. I Disagree.

Another inaccurate publication, this one on ABC’s Australian Affiliate, goes to great depths to illustrate why Paleo doesn’t weigh up.

Unfortunately, their commentary doesn’t really apply to the idea of The Paleo Diet, which is to emulate the food groups available to paleolithic men with foods readily available to us in our grocery stores and farmer’s markets (and of course, for those who farm and hunt themselves- in one’s own backyard.

Sadly, their idea of what True Paleo is is slightly skewed, at best.

According to the article, the problems with Paleo are:

  • First, there were many very different varieties of Palaeolithic diets.
  • Second, we humans have done a lot of evolving in the last 12,000 years.
  • Third, we can’t eat what our Palaeolithic ancestors ate anyway — because that stuff is not around any more.
  • And fourth, the recommended Palaeolithic diet is way out of kilter with dietitians’ recommendations.


First- alright- no problem there.   I certainly cannot claim to be an expert in either anthropology or archaeology, but given that the paleolithic period lasted 2.5 million years, it certainly makes sense that different diets would have been available.   (Still pretty sure though, that none included refined grain products, processed, corn-syrupy carbs or ice cream…just sayin’).

Second- again, yes, of course we have evolved over the past 12,000 years.  However, for me, the proof is in the proverbial pudding.   I know for a fact that I cannot tolerate grains, legumes or dairy, even if a scientist in a lab suggests I have the adaptation to do so.  How can the amount of illnesses that are alleviated or cured when one goes Paleo be accounted for if they’ve ‘adapted to eat these foods’?

Third- as explained above, Paleo does not have to be hunting one’s own meat and picking one’s own plants.   Again, the idea is to emulate the natural food groups and macro nutrient balance with foods we can easily access today.

Fourth- yes, completely true.  Since most programs in the US teach the guidelines implemented by the USDA, which is funded by The Dairy Board, Coca Cola, Pepsi Co, Kraft  and General Mills (just to name a few), is it any surprise that the push is on grains, dairy and ‘everything in moderation’? (Click here to read a great piece by Marion Nestle on that topic).

Still thinking Paleo doesn’t weigh up?  How about putting some money where the mouth is- give True Paleo a chance for thirty days and see if the outcome is still that’s a diet rife with problems that doesn’t really work.