Kitchen Gadgets

There are the must haves: the cast iron skillet, a good chef’s knife, a couple of solid cutting boards amongst them…and then there are the extras, the toys.

From little gadgets, like a citrus juicer or garlic press, to more elaborate or expensive ones like a SousVide water oven, for anyone who’s idea of a good time is creating a lovely Paleo meal in the kitchen (yes, that’s me), kitchen tools can make it even more enjoyable.

The latest product that would fall into that category for me is something I received as a gift:  a Nutribullet “Superfood Nutrition Extractor”.   The title sponsor of a race I recently did, Nutribullets were presented to some of the athletes who finished well in their age groups.

Would it  have been something I’d chosen on my own volition?  Likely, not, as I admit I’m rather leery of the idea of ‘extracting ingredients’ from veggies and fruit as I think right away of discarding all the fiber and the remaining product being nothing other than a sugary juice.

However, after reading up on it a little, in addition to the fact that I now have one sitting in my kitchen, I’ve changed my tune and am actually quite keen to give it a go… maybe as soon as this morning when I make my kale, banana, blueberry, egg and avocado smoothie!

I’ll be sure and follow up with a review, but in the interim, feel free to post comments on your thoughts on this product, too!