Road Trip (Paleo) Breakfast… at Denny’s (Not Kidding)

On our drive up to Sonoma for a race this weekend, we stopped at Denny's (slim pickin's along the 5 freeway!) for breakfast for some extra fuel, in addition to all the usual road trip snacks: steamed broccoli & asparagus, blueberries, apples, avocado, sliced turkey and some leftover steak (all kept in our thermal cooler bags and perfect for eating along the way!).

I still like to pop into all sorts of eating establishments to make the point, again and again, that you can find something healthy almost anywhere.

Score here:  eggwhite & veggie omelette with a side of fresh fruit and mixed greens.

No, I'm NOT saying you should frequent Denny's all the time- just a little reminder that being on a road trip, or traveling, or being at a restaurant that is far from being known as healthy mean that you have to deviate from paleo eating.  Be creative, flexible and polite with your server and you'll end up with a healthy, even tasty, meal!