Saturday’s Foods…

This morning, I included some starch (again, a little goes a long way!) in the form of some yam leftover from last night, because Chris & I had a two hour race-pace training run to do.

(Also, although I don’t note this, I’m constantly drinking water throughout the day….)

Breakfast, 7:30am
Greens powder mixed with water with daily vitamins (I take fish oil and a pre-natal multi on a daily basis. I choose the pre-natal because I feel that female athletes can benenfit from the extras you’ll find in a pre-natal! My favorites are Nordic Naturals for the fish oil and Rainbow Lite for the multi. Chris takes the Men’s 1-A-Day formula).
Multi green Kombucha (, 4 egg whites prepared in pan w. 1 tsp olive oil mixed w. 1 T flax, 1 T soy lecithin, 1/2 grapefruit, 1/2 banana, 3 oz yam, 1/2 oz raw walnuts, coffee with a splash of creme (generally not very big on dairy, but I do use a touch of 1/2 & 1/2 (literally, I measure the 2T serving) in my am coffee.

Right before the run I had 1/2 of an ‘energy’ bar. Please keep in mind that in my daily diet, the ONLY time I include refined products is right before, during, and post exercise. I strongly feel that only during those time periods should one consume anything that is remotely processed! I’m currently using the First Endurance line of bars, the “EFS” bar.

1 – 3pm
2 hour run, 17 miles, consumed 2 Hammer Gels during and homemade recovery drink post (water, banana, 3 T protein powder, 4 T glucose and a pinch of salt).

After a hard run, it usually takes me a while to feel like eating, so I make it a priority to be sure I get my recovery drink in right away and keep on top of my water. After an hour or so, I’ll usually have a bit of an appetite. (Yesterday I had an apple and some sliced turkey, carrots and some raw almonds).

Dinner, 7pm
(out to dinner)
green salad, no cheese, no dressing, no croutons; cedar-cooked Atlantic Salmon, broccolini, 2 small roasted new potatoes (again, we’ve got a long-ish workout tomorrow so I need that starch), glass of Cabernet.

When we got home I sliced some fresh pineapple and had that for dessert with some herbal tea- delish!!