Celebrity Diets

I’ll admit it.  I’ll sometimes peruse the silly, gossipy mags when I’m in my favorite little nail shop getting a mani/pedi.   Partly entertaining, partly funny and partly sad, I suppose, but my interest is always piqued by whatever the latest trend referred to on the cover…and there’s always a latest diet.

I worked with one actress who told me, verbatim, that she didn’t care what she ate, or didn’t eat, as long as she got to a certain dress size in time for a roll; diet coke and gummy bears had been her mainstay anytime she needed to quickly lose weight.   Her skin and hair looked just spectacular and she slept quite well…(please read:  satire!).

There doesn’t tend to be too much variety; it seems to fluctuate between some combination of the following:

  • The ‘I eat small portions of everything in moderation diet” 
  • The ‘Cleanse’ diet (aka ‘I drink nothing but water with lemon and cayenne pepper and I feel great’)
  • The ‘I now do five days of boxing for fifty minutes and eat a small package of skittles to satisfy my sweet tooth’
  • The ‘I only eat meals that have less than 200 calories and no more than 2 g of fat and no carbs’
  • The ‘I’ve had it up to my eyeballs and please surgically implant a band around my stomach so I physically can’t stuff my face’ diet

Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a little.

But think about how odd it is that people might say they believe (erroneously) the Paleo diet to be uber restrictive, not something that one can maintain long term and not something very practical.   As if any of the above options above are any less ‘radical’, strict or sustainable?


Better to have a voluntary operation and literally have your gut cut into than to give up grains, legumes and dairy.