Grains- Don’t Do It!

If you are already a Paleo devotee, you've long since eschewed all grains from your diet.  If not, however, please read on.

Most people are aware that 'certain grains are bad news':  white bread, corn chips, ultra processed wheat made into sugar cereals marketed to kids, but many are unaware of just how detrimental ALL grains are to the human body.  

Yes, this includes WHOLE grains, sprouted grains, brown rice, quinoa, corn, just to name a few that clients have asked about in particular; regardless of a grain being gluten-free, the consequences of ingesting them are numerous.

Thanks to the many years of research conducted by Dr. Loren Cordain, scientific proof to support these statements is at our fingertips, and can be read in depth in both of his books, The Paleo Diet, and The Paleo Diet for Athletes.

For a quick, extremely basic run-down, however:

-Grains contain anti nutrients, which bind to vitamins and minerals in the body, preventing them from being absorbed and utilized by your body

-Grains contain lectins which contribute to intestinal permeability, allowing partially digested bits of protein to leak into the peroneal cavity, which, over time, can lead to Leaky Gut, IBS, Crohn's Disease, Acne and exacerbation of Auto Immune Disease

-Grains have a net acidic effect on the body, causing the body to leach Calcium from the bones in an attempt to buffer the pH and return to normal alkalinity.  Over time, this contributes to osteopenia, then osteoporosis.

You might be reading this and think, "Well, I have tested negative for Celiac, so I can continue to consume grains, even gluten".  I do encourage you to think again.  Regardless of testing positive for having Celiac disease or not, if you are in fact, a human, it would behoove you immensely to NOT EAT GRAINS.

Food for thought, isn't it (pun intended!)?