Is Coconut Oil a “Fat Blocker”?

Maybe so!

Sounds like a total gimmick, doesn't it?  Being a HUGE fan of coconut oil, when I came across this headline in a sports magazine yesterday, I had to read it straight away.


Apparently, a 2008 study published in the Asia Pacific Journal of Nutrition revealed "long term consumption of medium – chain triglycerides, the type found only in virgin coconut oil, resulted in less body fat accumulation in humans when compared to consumption of other fats."

With coconut products gaining more and more popularity in the US, largely via coconut water, people are, thankfully, beginning to get the message that this is a healthy product, NOT a villain to be avoided as many may previsouly have thought.

Lauric acid, also found in coconut, is a fatty acid that has natural anti microbial properties and also increases cells' insulin senstivity (which discourages fat storage) and increase the good, HDL cholesterol.

Finally, it doesn't require the digestive enzymes that other fats do, so transit time from stomach to liver is far less compared to other healthy fats like avocado or olive oil.

Enjoy this tropical treasure in its purest form- buy it fresh and reap all the benefits to boot!