Nutritional Consultation

“What should I eat?” is probably the most common question my clients ask me when we begin nutritional counseling. With all of the diet books, ‘fat burning pills’, celebrity endorsed supplements and now even surgical weight loss procedures available, how can you know who is giving the best advice and what to believe? There is an incredible amount of misinformation (and a multi-billion dollar industry) around the topic of weight loss and diet in our society and it’s extremely difficult to know what or who is giving the advice which is best for you to follow. I use a very simple, common sense approach. “Eat Food”. Vegetables, fruits, clean proteins, raw nuts, healthy fat sources and water comprise what food is! If you’re eating these foods, you’re supplying your body with every macro nutrient, vitamin, mineral and fluid it needs to function optimally. You’ll feel great, too!

Dietary Analysis and Recommendations
 The first step is to find out where we’re starting. I’ll ask you to keep a record of what you eat for a few days – the more thorough, the better. I need an idea of what your food likes & dislikes are, allergies and such, so that we can make small changes. I’m not a fan of a radical approach or avoiding an entire food group – you’ve got to have room for an occasional ice cream or whatever your favorite treat might be!

Kitchen Clean-out!
 Maybe you’re ready to be more focused on your dedication to a healthier eating plan, but you cannot bear to actually throw away your beloved chips or candy… that’s where I come in. We’ll go through your fridge, cupboards and pantry and give ’em a good overhaul! (The next step might be to take a grocery store field trip – maybe?!)

Grocery Store Field Trips
Do you feel as though you are completely clueless when you enter the grocery store? Or, maybe you just need to brush up a little on reading labels. In either scenario, this might be helpful for you to make you a more nutritionally savvy shopper. We’ll meet at your local market and spend an hour touring the place and getting to the bottom of any questions you may have. *This is a great gift for your recent high school graduate who may need to learn a thing or two before going away to college!

Healthy Food Preparation & Planning Demos
We’ve cleaned the junk out of your kitchen and stocked up on wonderful, fresh veggies, fruits, clean proteins, raw nuts and other goodies at the local grocery; now what? What should you do with all this stuff? I’ll work with you in your kitchen to demonstrate how, in a short period of time, you can easily prepare the food and have it ready to go when you leave the house in a mad dash the next day before work (and also so that its ready for you in the refrigerator when you get home at night!). If you’re serious about losing weight or making any long lasting dietary changes to your lifestyle, planning is key!

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