Oh, Great! July is National Ice Cream Month!

Is that necessary?

I just saw a promo that Starbucks is doing which allows people to download a $1.25 off voucher for their next purchase of Starbucks' ice cream at the grocery store.

"Aw, go ahead, have that treat, just like when you were little, it's OK…" 


NO, it's not!  Dairy is not a good thing to eat, especially refined, sugared-up, ultra processed dairy like this.

While I'm fully aware there is a contingency amongst those who follow Paleo, that feel dairy is part of what humans should eat, I'm fairly confident that even that school of thought wouldn't support this.

How about a coupon for a free apple for a child in a family that can't afford fresh fruits and veg., Starbucks? As in, "July is Fresh Fruit Month" and an opportunity to donate, say, one dollar to a local grocery store with every coffee you buy, who can then allocate some REAL food to some people who need it?

Do people REALLY need extra incentives to buy ice cream?