Paleo Snobbery

I’m a coffee snob.  I admit it.  OK, and I wine snob, too..but only in the sense that if I have a cuppa joe or a glass of vino, I want it to be something that tastes good and came from a reliable place.

I use the term ‘snob’ jokingly to make fun of myself, but I recently received an email from a reader commenting on his perception that some of the info he’s read online about Paleo borders on snobbery, too:

I still avoid wheat but occasionally eat fried and baked foods and I have never been obsessed with sourcing ‘grass-fed’ beef. I always found that side of things borders a bit too much on ‘food snobbery.’ Your blog isn’t like that at all  but if you look at some of the Paleo forums, there is an incredibly snooty, superiority complex theme from a lot of the people that post. They seem to look down on everyone else while they eat their steak sourced from grass-fed cows, I find that quite infuriating as well!

I found this to be a really interesting viewpoint.   

Personally, I think it comes down to the intention.   I’ve openly criticized big corporations and the media for shoving their unhealthy products and equally distasteful suggestions about what to eat at us, but that comes from a place of genuinely wanting society as a whole to be healthier; certainly not because I want to show off to my readers that I prefer to buy grass fed beef over cheap, corn-finished meat from a stockyard.

I suppose anyone can be snobby about anything, but I’m not a fan of giving off that impression, and if I ever have, that was certainly never the goal!  I was glad to see that the reader above felt that my blog reflected my true approach and, as always, invite anyone to ping me if they have constructive criticism.   No doubt sometimes my passion about Paleo could be misconstrued and I’d hate for that to put anyone off of giving this healthy approach a try!