Savory Almond Banana Bone Broth Smoothie

What comes to mind when you think of a smoothie?   Chances are, you’re thinking one or more of the following:

  • Meal on the go
  • Healthy for me
  • Great for a post workout meal
  • An easy way to do prep food

While all of the above are valid ideas to consider and prepare a smoothie, it’s also just as easy to overlook exactly what the smoothie is made of, even more so if we’re not making it ourselves at home.

Choice of protein powders (how can you decide which is best?), what ‘milk’ to use as the base (and why do we always have to think ‘nuts’?) and how to create a balanced macro nutrient profile in order to not spike your blood sugar and leave you aptly satiated?

Start by changing how you approach your smoothie making.. by choosing to use all real, fresh food.

By using bone broth as your base, you automatically eliminate one of the key issues with so many other liquids you might choose: creating a drink that’s actually very inflammatory.

From soy milk to ordinary dairy (as opposed to raw) and from almond milk with gum stabilizers to coconut milk in plastic containers with additives, it’s a real challenge to find something that is suitable for anyone dealing with inflammation (which is most of us) as well as someone who’s already healthy and wants to keep it that way.

By using bone broth as the base, you’re starting with the most gut-healing option of call.

Then, by adding just a small portion of a higher glycemic fruit, such as a banana, you’ve covered your bases if you’re using this as a post workout option.

The protein from properly sourced, not over-cooked eggs is a must-do in order to allow for this to be a suitable sub for a meal.

Further, by including fat, and increasing it more, if need be, you’re creating a better macronutrient ratio, which will support your focus and energy until your next meal.

Blend it up and go!