Toting Your Paleo Food In Style


I am really getting the hang of prepping food at home and have absolutely no qualms about bringing my lunch and snacks to work, as well as packing for my kids, too.

Here’s the problem:  while it’s quite simple to find a lunch tote for my kids (it’s not exactly hard to walk into a Target or Walmart and buy your choice of lunch boxes with any cartoon character, super hero or princess depicted on it), I am having the most difficult time finding something for myself!  I work in a law firm and I’m not about to go into the conservative office carrying a pink, plastic lunch box with a picture of Barbie on it! I’ve been using small paper bags that I’ve been trying to stuff into my attache case, but it squishes the food, and I’m preoccupied with something leaking all over my docs.  I’ve inquired in a couple of department stores as well as a pharmacy and the best the latter could come up with was a picnic cooler. Help!


Penny, Washington D.C.

Oh, do I have a recommendation for you!  My husband referred me to a company, called BUILT NEW YORK that makes a huge range of suitable lunch totes, out of neoprene.  Being the president of his company, he’s hardly keen to be seen carrying a plastic lunch box with cartoons on it, either!  Built offers many options in black (the color that makes up about 90% of my own wardrobe, too), they’re washable and they’ll blend right into your coat and briefcase thrown over your shoulder without compromising your attire or making you look any less chic or as though you’re about to go hiking!

Check out their site!