Can you share some good ideas for Paleo Smoothies?


These are something I make quite often, actually!

I always start with 8 oz of brewed, chilled, decaf green tea, 1 T Raw Almond or Walnut Butter, 1 T freshly ground flax seed and 1 Scoop of plain egg white protein  powder.

If it's right before a workout, I'll add a piece of high glycemic fruit- my favorite time to have a banana- then whiz in the blender and enjoy, even if it's on the road while driving!

If it's not right before a workout, I'll choose a lower-glycemic, and higher in fibre option, like a cup of frozen berries or some organic pumpkin.

Those are my favorites, but be open to playing around with different types of fruits & fats to make your own creation.  Sometimes I'll use coconut oil instead of the nut butter, or strawberries instead of blueberries…  you get the idea!