What Do You Eat Before You Run?

A client asked me yesterday what I eat before I go for  a training run.  It depends on several factors:

-How long is the run?

-How far?

-What intensity?

-How much time will elapse between eating & training?

My breakfast of choice before training is either one of my smoothies (I've posted the recipes before, but it's always oz brewed, chilled unsweetened green tea, 1 scoop of egg white protein powder, 1 T raw almond butter or coconut butter and, before training, banana.) or baked yam with egg whites and a pinch of salt wit a little fat via almond butter, avocado or perhaps a drizzle of olive oil. 

Runner-up choices include natural applesauce with egg white protein powder or banana baby food with  hard boiled egg whites if the work out is going to be shorter.

All allow for quick digestion and plenty of fuel in the tank for those 6' mile repeats!