A Serious Lack of Veg!

My husband and I like to have a date night once each week, to get out and catch up!  Last night, we chose an upscale place that had been recommended by two people.    As far as appearances go, it seemed cool, trendy, a bit business-like but appealing nonetheless.

The menu had several appealing choices that fit within the dietary choices that Chris and I usually make, so we placed our order and awaited our starter green salads, medium-rare filets, with a plethora of veg (they offered asparagus, chard, spinach- no kale, but good anyway!:)
Our salads arrived first- a miniscule handful of mixed greens with…nothing.  OK, fine, we figured, the dinner will be fantastic, no doubt.
The meals arrived later and we were dumbfounded when we saw, no exaggeration, a steak with THREE, count them, THREE asparagus stalks and again, a pitiful 1/4 cup ration of greens.   Ask me how many roasted potatoes came with the dinner… enough for a family of four!
We literally had to order extra sides of veg in order to be satisfied!
The point of this diatribe, you see, is that here lies yet another example of how poorly America as a whole has grown to be accustomed to eating.  It is the norm, unfortunately, to eat copious amounts of starch and meat and view veg as nothing more than a mere garnish!
I suggest ordering EXTRA veg in advance, and asking perhaps for 1/2 or even 1/4 of whatever starch might typically come with your meal (unless you've got a long training session the next day, you simply don't need it!).
Here's to Supporting Extra Vegetable Consumption!