What Are You Getting Out of It?

Another good way to check yourself and nip a potentially disastrous food choice in the bud is to take three seconds before putting that not-so-healthy option in your mouth is to pause and ask what value you’ll get out of it. As a healthy choice, say you were about to enjoy a raw kale salad with avocado and some delicious grilled, grass-fed ribeye and a glass of California cab. Not only would your palate have a field day, your body would be quite appreciative at the iron, the vitamin C, the CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), the resveratrol and a multitude of many other vitamins and minerals. On the flip side, take a bag of chips as an example.  You’re at the office, you haven’t eaten enough earlier in the day and there’s nothing else in the building other than microwave popcorn. They’ll serve a purpose, sure, by providing some calories, albeit not the right ones, but think about it. They’re covered in bad oil, completely lacking in any water and devoid of anything remotely nutritious. Not only that, the high glycemic profile of the white potatoes will cause a blood sugar spike and leave you even hungrier! Better to down some water and take an extra 10 minute break to zip over to the nearest grocery mart. This would be an in-a-pinch scenario where a can of tuna that you could rinse off along with an apple that’s not likely organic and some almonds that are neither sprouted nor organic, but at least are not covered in peanut oil would be the best choice you could make in a not-so-great choice environment!