A Typical ‘Night Before Training Meal’ At The Stephenson’s

Many clients ask, "What do you eat in order to prepare for a day of training?".  Since my husband and I are both prepping for IM World Championships again this year in Kona, (8wks away), weekends usually mean big volume and intensity together.

Today, we each rode over 100 miles and then had a hard run off the bike.

That means we need gas in the tank!

Last night's dinner was our typical Friday night fare:  my Paleo sweet potato baked 'fries' (usually I do yams, but I vary it from time to time; note that yams and sweet potatoes ARE indicated as part of The Paleo Diet for Athletes when preparing for long endurance events.  Neither yams nor sweet potatoes have the high saponin content found in white potatoes), roast chicken and plenty of VEG!  Last night included my raw kale salad as well as a tossed Bibb lettuce salad with fennel, avocado and white truffle oil.

We both had fab workouts today and there's more to come tomorrow.

Here's a look at how being Paleo still serves to provide a lovely presentation of fantastically healthy, whole food:

And me, the happy Paleo Girl Chef; I am always excited to try or invent a new recipe- check out tomorrow's blog for what I'm presenting here- a grilled, butterflied lemon chicken: