Eating Extra Spinach to Help Fight That Cold? STOP!


Isn't spinach a great, healthy food?

Yes…BUT it's also very high in natural histamines, which are simple chemical substances your immune system cells produce when reacting to an antigen.

Many foods that are either high in histamines themselves, or that elicit a histamine response, include foods we wouldn't be eating on the Paleo diet, such as cheese and fermented soy producs.

I first found out about this when I was fighting a cold.  I had eaten a huge portion of spinach as part of my aresenal of natural remedies and then noticed that I immediately felt very congested.  

I began to do a little bit of research and learned that some Paleo friendly foods such as eggplant, spinach, mushrooms and avocado contain high levels of histamine naturally!  

This does NOT mean that you should avoid spinach and eggplant, nor should you avoid red wine (which contains 200 more times the histamines compared to white wine), or other Paleo foods that are also high in histamines.

Rather, just be aware of them so that the next time you're fighting a cold, or if you're suffering from allergies, you'll know that for that particular time, you would be better off opting for another leafy green!

 Perhaps, for some kale???