Protein As A Supplement?

I wish I were kidding, but today, in the ‘ask the expert’ column of a popular magazine, there was a reader inquiry regarding protein.  She explained that she follows a vegetarian diet and wondered whether she should ‘supplement with protein’.


A supplement is something akin to an added little extra; perhaps an extra lime wedge to squeeze onto your salad or some fresh kale leaves thrown into your morning smoothie, just because.

But protein?

The mere question illustrates how confusing the messages from ‘the experts’ are,  in terms the importance of getting enough protein in the diet.

Protein should not be considered a supplement to one’s diet any more than putting gas in one’s car should  be considered something to do if you feel like it, but not to worry if you don’t.  “My car has no gas, but that’s ok, I don’t feel like stopping at the gas station.  It’s not really that important.”

Hopefully you are aware of my sarcasm here!

The RDA suggests that “In general, adult women need 46 g of protein per day, and adult men need 56 g per day”, and that people should get about 10 – 30% of their diet from protein.    

The 30%, I completely agree with. But 10%?

What an awful thought to consider how many people are doing their bodies such harm by not getting enough protein merely because they think they don’t need it!

It would be lovely if we could trust what we’re taught by governmental agencies, such as the USDA, about what we should and should not be putting in our bodies, but I’m afraid that is not the case. 

Please don’t blindly adhere to these recommendations; make sure you get your varied proteins in, from reliable sources and don’t compromise your health by eliminating one of the three main groups of macro nutrients we, as humans, are meant to be eating!

Paleo is not all about ‘just eating meat’; it’s a balance of proteins and natural fats and carbohydrates.   Options are limitless and the lifestyle is completely sustainable.

We, the humans, need our protein.

So, go on and enjoy that steak!