Healthy Paleoista Holiday Tip of the Day: Get Your Yoga On

Let’s face it: many, many people eat for reasons other than being hungry. In fact, I think I could count the number of clients who honestly didn’t eat for any other reason other than their body telling them it was time to fuel up on one hand. Whether you’re eating less than ideal foods at inopportune times in less than balanced macronutrient ratios and portions because you’re stressed out about the holidays, depressed about the holidays or have simply fallen into the mindset that by eating in a healthy manner, you’ll somehow miss out on enjoying the holidays to the fullest, this post is for you. I have one word: Yoga. And while a killer yoga class at the local studio with a name like YogaButt may be a great workout, whatever and wherever you do for your practice, try to make sure there’s at least some element of a mind-body, soulful connection. If you can calm your mind and leave class taking yoga with you, you’ll be less anxious and perhaps less likely to eat a whole chocolate bar instead of just a piece.   If you tune in and mellow out, braving the hustle and bustle at the mall will be that much easier and so, too, will be avoiding the ice-cream shop or donut kiosk. You see where I’m going with this. No matter how busy and stressful your life is, there’s got to be time for some kind of introspection, if only for a few minutes stolen during a pause between meetings in the office, or while the kids are napping. Every little bit counts! Namaste.