Ironman HI Athletes- Need Help With Your Swim?

Karlyn Pipes-Neilsen is a phenomenal swim coach and a legend in swimming… take advantage of her pre-Kona offerings….

Read on for more info:

Free open-water talk at the Ford Ironman EXPO stage on Wednesday, Oct. 6th

at 11:30 am. Tips and suggestion on how to have an amazing race including

mental strategies, staying in the "know" and how to connect with the energy

of the island. 

Ironman race course familiarization and stroke tune-up: I KNOW the Ironman

swim course well, I swim it all the time! This 75-minutes session will

feature: mental prep specific to Ironman Kona, suggestions on starting

position, how/where/when to warm up, sighting, drafting, race strategies and

more. Session also includes a mini stroke tune-up. Cost is $120 for a

private or $80 per person for a semi-private (2-3 people).

Open water swim clinic: King Kam beach (cove next to pier) on Monday, Oct.

4th from 8 am 10:30 am.  All of the above, but in a group environment. The

information provided is great for ANY open water swim. Cost is $75 and

includes a cap and snacks.

Faster Freestyle Clinic with before/after videotaping: Sunday, October 12th

from 1:00-5:30 PM at the Kona Community Aquatic Center.  In just one  4 1⁄2

hour clinic you will learn how to swim faster with less effort. Training

tips and recovery suggestions will also be provided. Cost is $135 Space is

limited to 12. Register online at for a registration

form send an email to or call Karlyn @ (808)


Endless Pool Session-improve your technique: Looking at the mirrors on the

bottom of the pool, YOU watch yourself swim while Karlyn videotapes your

stroke. Experience immediate results! It’s fun, too.  Cost for a 90-min

session is $125 and includes a mini-swim clinic followed by about 60-

minutes of water time with video analysis. Follow up sessions are 1 hour and

cost $95.

For any questions, please contact Karlyn at or

call 808 756-0195.