Look Back But Move Forward

if 2010 wasn't all you wanted it to be, there's no need to dwell and focus on regret.  Of course, we can apply this concept to all things in our lives, but, being that my blog is a Paleo Blog- we'll stick to the theme of eating for optimal health.

Perhaps you've read the Paleo Diet Book but haven't tried it yet. Or you have tried it but weren't completely sure you were doing so correctly. Or, you didn't know how to manipulate the meals properly around your workouts.

Don't get stuck on what you haven't done; we're about to embark upon a New Year, a fresh start, if you will, so focus forward, make your plans, set your goals, and surround yourself with whatever and whomever will be most conducive to you achieving all you want to!

In 2011, maybe you'll run your first marathon in  honor of someone close to you who cannot, or finally make time in your schedule to hike each weekend with the kids.

Keep in mind that we all have choices- so choose to move, choose to EAT FOOD and choose to make your health a top priority… starting…NOW!

Here's to a healthy and prosperous 2011…

Happy New Year!