McNuggets and a Vanilla Latte?

I saw a billboard today, driving down La Cienega, touting this great meal option at McDonald's.  Wow.  I'm speechless.  Everything in the photo was brown.  Battered, fried, processed, farmed chicken paired with 16 ounces of dairy and corn syrup.   

Why does anyone want to eat that?  I can only imagine how one must feel after ingesting said 'meal'.

I see nothing wrong with an occasional splurge of one kind or another, but if you're going to eat something out of the norm as a treat, at least eat something that your body can identify as a food!   (I can't honestly say that mcnuggets and a vanilla latte would fit that bill.)

Perhaps you're a die-hard chocolate fan- so have a piece of premium dark chocolate now and then (making sure it's of the soy-free variety and NOT emulsified with soy lecithin; try THEO's as one great option!). Or maybe you love a good burger- then have it- either make your own so you know what's in it, or go to a restaurant you can trust to ensure you're getting ground beef in your burger and not ground-who-knows-what-else!

There is a lot of truth in the old adage about treating one's body like a temple and remembering that what you put in is what you get out.

So, help support this movement:  EAT MORE KALE!

: )