MORE Than Sport

Every time I race, I'm always overwhelmed by the support of the volunteers in any given community.  The races simply wouldn't happen without them.

I think most athletes recognize this and are also quite appreciative of their time and effort.

However, in every part of the world where every race is held, there are always societal issues present that many people may NOT be aware of.

Last night, my husband and I went to hear our friend, Chris Lieto, speak about a charity he is heavily involved in, MORE THAN SPORT.

The focus is on whatever cause affects the local community where a race is being held, and brings attention and awareness to everyone involved so that they can contribute their time and efforts to helping right then and there.  

He spoke about their recent success in raising funds to help the sex-trafficking (these are children in the US, as young as 12) victims, which runs rampant in Houston, TX (I had no idea!), when he was there to race at IM TX 70.3.

Following is a bit about the cause, from their site:

"At More Than Sport, we desire to use our talents, relationships, and resources to bring restoration and hope to people in need. Using sports as a tool for change, we will make a difference by:

  • Unleashing transformation through compassion and justice
  • Relieving poverty through meeting practical needs
  • Teaching and equipping people to live healthy lives
  • Restoring individuals and families through relationship
  • Encouraging youth through sports activities and camps"

When you're at your next race, staying in the lovely accommodations at the host hotel, give it some thought, and consider the people who may be living in poverty just around the corner from the your resort, and what they might be faced with on a day-to-day basis.

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