New Year- New Ways to Cook…

Whether you're a seasoned (excuse the pun) chef or a beginning cook, take the time to learn some new recipes and make them part of your weekly or monthly regime.   Regardless of your choice to either search on line, in cookbooks or by word of mouth, cookbooks and recipes are just one more way to educate yourself about preparation methods, food pairing and presentation.

Don't eschew books by their cover, either; remember that you can often convert a recipe into a paleo-friendly recipe by substituting one item or another. A few examples include using freshly steamed kale, chard or spaghetti squash as a base upon which to serve your grilled chicken and Italian sauce (in lieu of pasta), cutting out cream in a soup recipe and substituting with stock or poaching an apple  in water with spices as a dessert instead of serving apple pie.

As always, I'm happy to address specific questions on this topic, as well as other nutrition  & fitness related issues!

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