Peanuts Are Not Nuts!

Many of you who already follow The Paleo Diet know that peanuts aren't nuts, but peas! AKA legumes! As in, they contribute to leaky gut, contain anti nutrients and do NOT have a place in a healthy diet.

It's all I can do not to say anything when I see a mom giving her kids a 'healthy' snack of PB&J on wheat bread, or read an advice column written by an expert in a sports magazine suggesting that a bagel with PB is a great option for a pre workout breakfast.

Please- try a switch to raw almond butter or raw walnuts (the latter of which, as far as nuts go, has the best Omego 3:6 ratio) to replace what you might use in a smoothie or as a snack with a piece of fruit, respectively.

Your guts (along with the rest of your body) will thank you!

Nell Stephenson


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