Shelf Life?

At dinner the other evening, a friend commented that yet another way to distinguish what one should or should not eat it by considering 'shelf life'.  

I thought that was genius.

Think about it.

WHY would you want to put ANYTHING in your body that has been sitting on a shelf?  Consider this- would you ever consider, even remotely, the concept of buying a raw chicken, placing it on a shelf and eating it several days later?  How about several MONTHS or even YEARS later?

Of course, you wouldn't even think about it.

So, how about if you took that very same chicken and did something to it, as it infused it with a preservative of some sort, so as to prevent it from naturally degrading and basically, rotting, so that you COULD actually eat it months or years later without worry of consuming bacteria or naturally occurring (as a product of  breakdown) chemicals?  Would you eat it then?

Didn't think so.

In that case, why would you put something else in your body that has been altered in the same way, so that while it does NOT contain toxic levels of bacteria, it also does not contain anything nutritious or good for your body in any way, shape or form?

How about eating a piece of paper?

Look… it's easy… if it's A FRESH, WHOLE, REAL ANIMAL OR PLANT THAT COULD BE EATEN AS IS, it's food and you can safely eat it.  If it's refined, processed, altered, hydrogenated, boxed, wrapped in plastic and hermetically sealed, well, leave it that way and don't inflict it upon your healthy Paleo body!

Save the shelves for your Reidels!