Today’s Healthy Holiday Tip…

Are you hosting the family Christmas Eve party, or Christmas Day itself? If so, what a wonderful opportunity to develop a healthy, but still tasty meal in keeping with all of your nutritional standards.

Write your list out today so you can plan to shop and prep accordingly and have everything ready in good time for next Thursday, Christmas Eve!

Here is a menu that I posted last year for a Very Paleo Christmas.  You needn't divulge to the guests what they're missing- let them relax, enjoy some great food and focus on what they ARE eating!

Crudités plate (flash steamed broccoli and cauliflower, baby carrots, and cherry tomatoes) with avocado and lime (it may NOT be seasonal, but you've got to love the avocado!)

Sliced apples (toss them in lemon juice to prevent oxidation, which causes the brownish color) tossed in cinnamon, and served on a platter with raw almonds and walnuts

Mixed green salad with dried (no sugar added) cranberries, toasted pecans, red onion, sliced figs, and apples

Pureed baked yam casserole, topped with sautéed Golden Delicious apples with a hint of rosemary

Oven-roasted turkey breast

Roasted vegetables

Home-made cranberry sauce

Baked apples with cinnamon

Fresh seasonal fruit salad

Yes, I make a lot of food (ask my husband, and he'll tell you I always make enough for an army), but everyone loved the selections, and no one left asking, "Where's the stuffing and pies"? Instead, they commented that they enjoyed the variety of foods that were still seasonal and they LOVED the fact that they left feeling satisfied not stuffed!