Anywhere You Go, You Can Move

Got feet? Got legs? Got a body? Ah! Then you’ve got all you need to keep moving wherever you are, whether you’re on a tropical island vacation, on top of a snow-dusted mountain or in an urban jungle during your lunch hour.
Set aside any travel during the year you may engage in for sport; this is a different scenario because you’ve got to schlep your bike and gear or skis or golf bag or whatever it is you do.

With walking or running, all you need, really, is some appropriate footwear (and gear for whatever climate you’re in which, arguably, you’d have on hand anyway), and you’re set to go.

Not only will your body and mind thank you from a physiological perspective, you’ll also see some sights you’d never have noticed if you’d been in a car or taxi or bus.

Perhaps you’re reading this post on vacation right now…there’s no time like the present for action!

I’m heading out for another run in the lovely English countryside myself. Cold? Yes. Muddy? Absolutely. Guess what? I’m waterproof, I’m bundled up and therefore, why not?

By the way, can you think of another exercise that’s more Paleo? ¬†Aside from running after a beast, of course…