Paleo, Women and Weight Loss

One of the main reasons I created my brand, Paleoista, a few years back, was to make this healthy approach to eating, moving and lifestyle overall more appealing and approachable for women.

Not only is Paleo marketed all too often as ‘the Caveman diet’, it’s then taken out of context, misrepresented both in terms of what it really means as well as who it’s appropriate for and for what goals, too.

Let’s take just one of these goals:  weight loss.

Often, my female clients report their frustrations with having tried varying programs and approaches in the past, only to find that while they may or may not have been losing weight, it was never at a fair cost.  They felt it was either  choice between seeing the number on the scale drop, but feeling so restricted and hungry all the time, it proved unsustainable.

And beyond that, it seemed like their husbands or boyfriends, without even seeming to be as committed were dropping weight!

What’s up with that?

From exercise and hormones, to macronutrients & calories, there are indeed many factors to consider when we talk about losing weight.

But the reality is that most of the information out there is geared towards men without consideration for female-specific needs and at same time, much of the information that is tailored to women is often grossly incorrect, and sometimes even harmful.

I want to invite you to a special online event – for women only – that’s going to change everything you THINK you know about weight loss.

It’s called “For Women Only: The Weight Loss Solution” and it’s a FREE online event that will help you finally – and permanently – lose weight and get the body you desire.

It’s hosted by my colleague Neely Quinn and the team at, and they’ve gathered over 35 of the top weight loss experts in the world to show you EXACTLY how to finally lose the weight you want – and get the body that you desire.

In this event, you’ll learn:

  • What to eat (and which foods to avoid)
  • How to balance and take control of your hormones
  • How to heal digestion, thyroid, and autoimmune conditions that are sabotaging your weight loss naturally
  • How to exercise (and more importantly, how NOT to exercise)

During my chat with Neely, we focus on “How To Thrive As An Endurance Athlete” and discuss

  • How to fuel endurance exercise, even on a lower carb diet…
    How to switch from being a carb-burner to a keto-adapted fat burner the right way…
  • How to fuel endurance exercise and lean out at the same time (no carbo- loading involved)…
  • How to end your reliance on sugary gel packets on long runs and rides…
  • Exactly what to eat while you’re training in order to lose fat, maintain energy levels, and perform at your best…
  • How to know if you’re in the “Chronic Cardio” zone…

There’s no catch, it’s free, and it’s rather a valuable opportunity to glean a lot of worthwhile information!

Click here and mark your calendars!