Holiday Tip: The Perfect Gift: Presence!

It may be a bit cliche; the word play of presence/presents being a gift. It’s a phrase we all know but perhaps at this time of the year, it’s quite appropriate to reflect on it.

The more we can give the gift of being present not only to our loved ones, but to ourselves, the more we can dial into our body’s health and nutrition needs.

How many times have you ended up with a less than desirable lunch because you ran out of the house in a mad dash that morning and skipped breakfast?   Or opted for leftover mac and cheese from what the kids didn’t eat for dinner after forgetting to grocery shop for food to prepare a healthy meal?

Would either situation have happened if you’d been more present?

Not too likely.

Tune in, listen to and feel what your body is telling you and take a moment to let it register.   Do you feel a sense of needing to slow down mentally and take a break?   Or maybe it’s a feeling of needing to move more, physically?

In either case, the more we can be in sync with our own body, the more likely we are to reach a healthier place and subsequently, make the best food choices to nourish both mind and body.

Doing so allows us to enjoy the holiday season even more because we’re right here at any given moment and not thinking about all the things we’re going to have to get done in a given time frame.

Inhale, exhale, keep calm and…be Paleo (couldn’t resist…)