New Month, New You?

May sound like an odd thing to suggest on the first of November, when we’re about to head into what is, for many, the single most difficult time of year to keep on track with regard to fitness and healthy goals, but why not take a new approach this year?

What if, by the time one month elapses and the main event of the holiday season is a mere three or four weeks out, you were actually five pounds closer to your goal weight, rather than five pounds further away, after adopting that all too familiar ‘Oh, the heck with it attitude’ even before we get to Thanksgiving?

We’ve all heard of this Paleo challenge or that one; some hosted by your local fitness center or maybe even an office competition.  How about implementing one yourself?  You’ll create more accountability and, as a result, be far more likely to stick to it!

If you think about it in a short time of only thirty days, it’s much less daunting than telling yourself you’ll never eat ice cream again, if you’re someone who finds this dairy treat irresistible or that you’ve enjoyed pizza for the last time, since you’re going Paleo.

Of course, I do recommend that, and my hope is that like with many clients with whom I’ve worked, you come to the conclusion yourself that when you eat those foods, you don’t feel that great, and as such, choose to not eat them any longer.

Simply approaching it in a smaller piece makes it more doable and appealing.

Make today your first day of implementing 100% True Paleo.  You’ll feel better, be closer to your healthy goal weight and set a great example for those around you.  What a great, early holiday gift!