Staying Fit During A Weekend Getaway

It’s one thing if you’re going to be away from home for an extended period of time; you’ll need to suss out what is available for you to do in order to maintain your fitness while traveling.

But what if it’s just a mini getaway or a three day weekend?

You’ll still want to make a point of staying active, but if you’re just visiting a new city for the first time, you won’t likely want to spend hours at the gym.

Following are a few helpful tips to keep on track during your break without compromising your fun, on the fitness or foodie side!

  • Get a workout in before you leave.   Even a short, 45 minute sweat on the treadmill or bike will help you feel fresh for your flight and less likely to opt for poor food choices at the airport.
  • Pack your Paleo food to take with you on board.  This is a no brainer; even in business or first, while the food at least has a chance of being Paleo friendly, bringing your own is the safest bet. (Need help?  Check out my Travel Plan (click here)).
  • Plan to walk when you’re at your destination. There’s no better way to see things you might miss in a car if you’re moving along, up close and personal, to shops, restaurants and other attractions the city has to offer.
  • Scan local eateries’ menus for what looks to be good bets in terms of being able to Paleoize, while still allowing yourself to try whatever types of cuisine that particular place is known for.  Whenever, I’m in NY, for one example, I always know I’ll be able to find tons of options for healthy, delicious Italian cuisine- veggies in olive oil, grilled fish or lovely steaks are available at most places, from three-star Michelin to little hole in the wall places.
  • Find out what activities might be easy to incorporate into your short time there.   On a recent trip to Amsterdam, my husband found he was able to rent a bike from a shop next door to his hotel and didn’t miss a beat on his cycling training!

Most importantly, remember that it does not need to come down to a choice between keeping healthy and fit versus enjoying yourself.  They can be accomplished simultaneously with no problem at all!