A User’s Manual for the Body

When we have a question about our taxes, we ask our CPA.  If we need to know something about our last will and testament, we can check with our attorney.  And if something goes wrong with our washing machine, we can give the local appliance guy a buzz and have it fixed in a jiffy.

But what happens when something goes awry with our body?

Well, we turn to a doctor, but is that all we need to do?

I don’t think so.

Unfortunately, our bodies don’t come with a user’s manual.

While the doctor plays a crucial role in helping us figure out what’s wrong, but that’s only part of the picture.  


Because only you know how you feel, how you react to certain medications or changes in your day to day regime and whether or not what the good old doc is suggesting is working for you.

A good doctor will factor in your feedback and hopefully, work with you to troubleshoot what is working, what is not, and really, truly listen to what you have to say.

I’m sure we’ll all had an experience of going in to see the doctor and feeling like we’re simply not being heard.  And it’s awful.  Almost as though our opinion doesn’t count, which is absolutely ridiculous as one’s opinion of how they feel is of utmost importance.

We all must take responsibility of learning our bodies.  It’s the one thing that makes sense for each and every one of us to know about, unlike being able to fix an appliance or to do our taxes.  Awareness on those topics is great, sure, but not necessary.

Knowing what’s normal, what’s not and what is an acceptable way to feel and live on a day to basis, however, is very, very important.

Regardless of one’s generation, cultural background or even religion, taking the time to self educate on this crucial topic is something I’d highly recommend.

Seek out a functional medicine doctor you trust, a naturopath who also happens to be an MD and so can integrate the best of both worlds and refer to the experts on the principles of True Paleo living.

Then, pair that with tuning into how you really feel, noting what foods make you feel a certain way, what exercise suits you and how you sleep, to name a few factors to check into, and you can create your own body’s user’s manual, which you’ll find is an ongoing work in progress for as long as you carry on living a healthy, True Paleo life!