An Incredibly Forward Thinking Corporation

This post is coming to you straight after a recent trip to Hamburg, Germany where I’ve had the incredible opportunity to be a part of something huge.

 We all know what it’s like to try to choose something healthy to eat while we’re at work.

 For many of my clients, this is the single most difficult task cited when asked what challenges are faced while one begins to implement the Paleo lifestyle into their own daily regime.

 Now think about how difficult it might be to face not just a day of ‘food’ choices such as vending machine products, microwave popcorn and diet frozen meals, but an entire two or three day conference full of them?

 And for those of you who’ve had to attend said conferences as team building experiences, or seminars on how to be more productive in the workplace, how mentally challenging is it to remain interested, let alone not fall asleep in one boring meeting after another?

 Well, imagine this:  what if your company asked you to attend a conference that was still focused on being a more effective leader and all the usual expectations, but it would include exercise sessions in the morning, keynote speeches on fitness and…wait for it…the effects of Paleo eating on workplace productivity?

 Sound like a pipe dream?

 It’s real.

 When I was asked to deliver a keynote speech to the worlds’s leading commercial aircraft manufacturer on the effects of Paleo eating on workplace productivity, I knew immediately that this was something I just had to be a part of.  In addition, I was asked to coordinate with the head chef to create three days of incredibly delicious, local, seasonal cuisine, which he executed with precision.

This resulted in thee days of one of the most amazing experiences of my career.

 Delivering a keynote speech on Paleo to nearly sixty of Airbus’ executives was the start of something that could prove to be groundbreaking.

Renowned triathlon coach, Joe Friel, presented a keynote differentiating health vs. fitness, getting the crowd thinking and very motivated to change their thinking in terms of how and what they can do to get fit and active as opposed to begrudgingly fitting in exercise ‘because their doctor told them to’.

Finally, a talk from a leading recovery specialist on the effects of stress rounded off the morning of presentations, a topic many choose not to look into…for fear of what they might find out perhaps?

With the ‘thinking outside the box’ mentality demonstrated by the company’s top executives as well as their leading by example approach, the simple concept of providing employees with education on how to make healthy food and exercise choices, in addition to going so far as to provide the food for purchase instead of leaving all the options to consist of fried this or cheese-laden that, may very well come to fruition.

Having had the chance to be part of this concept at its inception is, quite frankly, something that could change the way businesses view fitness, nutrition and overall well-being as a whole.

 I couldn’t possibly have dreamed of a more inspirational result!