Christmas Eve Curry

While our Christmas Day Supper will feature the traditional turkey and all the (paleo, veggie) trimmings at a formal, sit-down dinner, our tradition each Christmas Eve is something I’ve written about before: a good curry slap up, as my British husband calls it!

Sometimes we’ll order take away from our local little hole-in-the wall Indian Restaurant, where they’re always more than accommodating our paleo requests, but this year, we’re cooking our own little feast.

Dishes like chicken tandoori, lamb korma, vegetable jalfrezi and banghan barta are our all time faves.  Olive oil instead of ghee, fresh coconut milk where dairy might be called for, extra veggies in lieu of paneer and a plate of steamed kale where you’d normally find Basmati, and you’re all set to create a lovely Paleo Indian meal.  

Spending time with loved ones during the holidays is what it’s all about; why not allocate some of that together time for cooking?