Another ‘Plan B’ Bar- When You’re In A Pinch!

I always hesitate to recommend bars, as they are, in fact still a processed food.  I will always preface with the following caveat:

"I do not recommend that people eat 'bars' every day or every week; rather, think of them as 'plan b', something to keep in your car, your desk, your attache case for 'emergency purposes', like being away unexpectedly and not having any other possible option".

That said, I do like most Larabars (except the ones with peanut) for this case, and today, I found one flavor of Kind Bar which was grain, dairy and legume free:

KIND's Almond Cashew Bar

It does contain glucose, but again, as a rarity, a touch of glucose in an athlete's diet is far less offensive and toxic than eating wheat, for example!

Be savvy and read all the labels, though, as many of their flavors seemed to contain puffed rice and other undesireables…