Barnana-What a Concept!

I tried a great new product today for the first time, during a nice, long ride yesterday and I felt compelled to share it with you!

I was shopping at Whole Foods not too long ago when I came across a woman who was giving out samples of some kind.  I typically decline offers for these freebies, for no other reason that they’re typically something I wouldn’t eat as part of my Paleo regime.

“Would you like to try a Barnana sample?”, she asked?  

I thanked her but politely declined, explain I had some food allergies and wouldn’t likely be able to eat what she was offering.   I picked up a bag to double check and sure enough, I saw soy lecithin, tapioca, food glaze and gum arabic amongst the ingredients.  

She then asked me to have a look at the other flavor- plain banana.   I was happily surprised to see it contained…nothing other than organic banana!

Non GMO, organic and raw… sounded perfect!

I bought a small bag and was thrilled with the taste, flavor and portability making it the perfect source of high glycemic carbohydrate to take along on an off-season training ride or run.

They’d also  be great to have as part of an in-a-pinch snack when eaten with some raw nuts to lower the glycemic load, kept in the car, the office drawer or your gym bag.

Definitely recommend!

For more, check out their site: