Beautiful Photos, Beautiful Food

As anyone who shares the love of cooking may have found out the hard way, photographing the dishes we prepare is an art in and of itself.

How many times have you taken a picture of a beautiful meal you’ve made, only to find out that the guacamole looks brown, the salmon looks dry and the steamed broccoli looks like it came out of a can?

We take pics (yes, I, too am guilty of this) of our food, then send them out as tweets, Instagram pics and Facebook posts with the best of intentions to show that food which demonstrates that eating healthfully doesn’t have to be exclusive of eating food that tastes good.

Only, the pictures leave a lot to be desired (guilty here again!), leaving anyone who was skeptical about healthy food actually being palatable to even the most foodie of foodies even more assured that healthy food cannot possible taste delicious.

This is precisely why I was thrilled when a food photographer reached out to see if I’d be interested in collaborating.

James Stefiuk, the talented artist at Carolina Food Photography was kind enough to prepare and shoot a couple of my recipes in order to replace the shots I’d taken myself on the recipe section of the blog.

He chose my Romesco Sauce (shown above) and my Cape Cod Slaw recipe to prepare and shoot;  you can see for yourself what an incredible job he did!

Short of learning how to become a food photographer yourself, it’s worth checking out his site.

I certainly plan on future collaborations. 

In all honesty, I feel a bit booked out at the moment after having written five, but there’s definitely a beautiful, Paleoista lifestyle / healthy cooking coffee table book in my future.

Thinking French Laundry meets Martha Stewart with a Paleoista Twist!

Stay tuned….