Coconut to the Rescue

Clients ask all the time about what foods they can keep at the ready; non perishable, while still Paleo-friendly, and suitable to keep in their desk at work, ready to eat a moment’s notice to prevent going too long without eating and having a blood sugar crash.

Usually, the first thing that comes to mind is an ‘energy bar’.  Unfortunately, nearly all the ones I’ve seen are not remotely close to being Paleo.  Yes, there are a few that would be acceptable, like the peanut free LARABARs, but for many, the high sugar content, albeit from natural sources (dried fruit) is a bit of a put-off.

So, how about some fat?

No, I’m not talking about keeping a bag of salted, canola-oil doused nuts at work.

I’m talking coconut!

One brand I like in particular, Artisana, makes single serve packets of coconut oil and coconut butter that you can easily keep at work and add to an otherwise unbalanced ‘snack’, such as some veg fruit eaten all alone, to bring the meal back to the roughly 40/30/30 Paleo macronutrient ratio.

It goes with… anything!

For those of you who are endurance athletes, these very same little packets are fantastic for bringing along on long base training rides and runs.  Easily digestible, delicious and oh-so-good for you, I recommend them in a heartbeat!