Healthy Paleoista Holiday Tip of the Day: Carrots Aren’t Just for Reindeer

I  know, carrots aren’t exactly the most exotic or exiting things to snack on, but just hear me out (can I still use that phrase if I’m writing?). Given that things are particularly busy (it’s crunch time in terms of last minute holiday things!), and given that cooking and food prep can often take a back burner, why not go simple? If you’re not finding the time to squeeze in your weekly (or more, preferably) hour in the pitch during which you’re getting your veggies, proteins and an array of go-to foods ready to keep in the fridge, now’s the time to resort to the path of least resistance:  foods that require very little time to prep. I’m talking super basics- chopping celery, carrots, cucumbers & bell peppers.   Washing your whole pieces of fruit.   Broiling or baking your proteins in the simplest manner you can. Not only will this set you up for a far smaller chance of going all day without eating, given that there’s a good chance many will be partaking a little more than usual at the office party, or a holiday cocktail hour, one might argue that keeping it super clean and a bit on the plain side during the day isn’t such a bad things. So get out those carrots now…don’t save them just for Rudolph & his crew!