Holiday Tip of the Day: Keep Your Snacks Handy!

Keep in the holiday spirit by including holiday tastes and flavors in your snacks without resorting to the cookie tray that someone brought into the office!

  • Make your own spiced nuts by toasting walnuts and pecans and tossing them with cinnamon and nutmeg.  Enjoy a a handful as a snack along with a crisp, red apple.
  • Dice some leftover roast turkey and combine with olive oil, sage and rosemary , a few naturally dried cranberries, shredded kale (of course) and wrap in a romaine lettuce leaf.
  • Make ‘holiday’ jerky at home by using some meats you may not consider during other times of the year… like turkey!   A great source of portable, Paleo protein!

In addition, brew a cup of your choice of one of the many holiday teas which are a natural way to enjoy the flavor with zero sugar, gluten or dairy. One of my faves is apple cinnamon; naturally sweet without adding a thing.  By keeping ahead of the hunger curve, you’ll find it far easier to turn down those treats that may still be tempting you.  “Hunger is the best sauce”…. so if you’re too hungry, it’s going to make things that would otherwise not be worth considering all the more interesting.