It’s All About The Skillet- You Only Need One!

As much as I love visiting my fave cooking shoppe, Williams-Sonoma (which is like a toy store to me!), and ALL of their huge variety of pots & pans, I must say that if you're on a bit of a budget and not quite sure which one to buy, I'd suggest… the cast-iron skillet.

Here are but a few advantages of using a cast iron skillet:

1.) Cooking in it will provide added iron to your food.
2.) It's an insanely cheap kitchen tool; I recently saw a large one (AT A HARDWARE STORE!) for $25.
3.) It will last forever if you care for it correctly (it should be seasoned).
4.) You can use it on the stove, or in the oven.
5.) They retain heat quite well so your food is done much more evenly.

So, if you're going for simplicity, or if you're new to the kitchen, perhaps this approach will make learning to cook a bit less daunting.  One pan, a few ingredients; like with so many other things, if we start out simply with just a few things, we'll learn quickly and be more apt to explore a new hobby (a.k.a. healthy cooking) more adventurously!