Make Some NOISE, Athletes Out There! Tell the USAT YOU WANT PALEO!

To use a phrase that I've learned from my husband, I am completely gobsmacked!

Just a couple of months ago, I had contacted USAT (USA Triathlon, which, for anyone who doesn't race, is the national governing body for the multisport disciplines of triathlon, duathlon, aquathlon and winter triathlon in the United States. USA Triathlon is a member federation of the U.S. Olympic Committee and the International Triathlon Union) to inquire about writing about Paleo and endurance athletes for their online and/or print publications.

I was happy when I received a reply that I'd be able to contribute and went ahead with submitting my first article.

The following month, I submit another (of course, PALEO) piece and received this reply from the contact I had there:

"I just spoke with my manager and I think we're going to steer clear of anything Paleo for now. Apparently the higher-ups have gotten feedback that suggests that it's not what a majority of our members are into, so I'm not going to be able to run anything like that for now. It's possible that we could do something with it in the future, but for now we'll have to hold off."

Quite unfortunate that what IS written about, in terms of sports nutrition, is almost ALWAYS the same old endorsements of products with gluten and all grains, dairy (those that HAVE to have their whey… pardon the pun!) and legumes, like soy and peanuts.   

Fair enough- there are indeed many ways to approach training and fueling information, but to completely eliminate one of the most common sense (AND HEALTHY) approaches (PALEO) is unfair to all of their more than 100,000 members.

CLICK HERE TO e-mail USAT and tell them you want more PALEO information!