Paleo and Prescription Free!

Feeling great after a few months on Paleo?  

So great, in fact, that you’re thinking maybe now is the time to stop taking those anti depressants your doc gave you?  Or, perhaps, you’re assuming that since you’ve lost all that weight, you guess that your hypertension is no longer all that high and you’d like to quit taking your prescription?

Hold on a second.

Possible?  Yes, absolutely, but unless you’re a physician yourself, don’t decide to take yourself off your meds haphazardly.   While the goal is certainly to get to an improved state of health where you do not need the medication for whatever your health issues are (or were), for certain drugs, stopping cold turkey on your own accord can be risky to life threatening.

So, check in with your doc who gave you your regime in the first place and make sure you learn the proper way to taper off, if need be, and to do so under his or her supervision.   As potent as many of today’s Western meds are these days, when one’s body becomes dependent on them, stopping abruptly can sometimes cause a whole new host of problems.

Don’t misinterpret, as I’m as much a fan of getting one’s body and mind to heal as naturally as possible, however, I’m certainly not a doctor, and even if I were, my blog is meant to educate about the Paleo lifestyle and all its benefits, not to make individual medical recommendations.

Make that doctor’s appointment and find out how you can (hopefully) safely begin your path to being medication-free. Your new and improved Paleo healthy body is not going to be much good to you if you end up in the E/R after taking a risk that was larger than you anticipated!